How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?

Have you always dreamed of whiter teeth? Follow along with this article for some advice and tips on how to achieve the brighter smile you’ve always wanted.

Routine Dental Care

The first step, and the best way to keep your teeth sparkling white is to maintain a good oral health routine. That means brushing at least twice daily for approximately two minutes as well as flossing regularly. 

This also includes seeing your dentist here at Search Dental on a routine basis!

Preventing Stains

The foods and drinks you consume affect the whiteness of your teeth. Brush or rinse your mouth out after drinking stain culprits like red wine or coffee.

The same goes with foods, brightly colored foods like tomatoes can leave stains. Instead, opt for snacks like celery or apples that clean teeth by producing more saliva.

Avoiding all tobacco products can help stop the yellowing of teeth plus is better for your overall health!

Medications you take can also stain your teeth, make sure to discuss with your doctor any possible side effects of prescriptions you are taking.

Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwashes

Over-the-counter whitening kinds of toothpaste use abrasives to remove stains rather than bleach. While it does get rid of some surface stains, it doesn’t actually change the color of your teeth.

Whitening mouthwashes often use hydrogen peroxide to whiten the tooth enamel by bleaching.

At-Home Whitening

You can also purchase kits to use to whiten teeth from home.

These kits use carbamide peroxide or another peroxide-based gel. The product is either applied to the teeth by painting it on or using a tray that conforms to your teeth.

Another option for at-home whitening is whitening strips, while they are not as effective as other products they are extremely easy to use plus the results are typically fast and they can last up to a year.

Professional Whitening

Professional tooth whitening in our office is a low-cost and minimally invasive treatment. Although at-home kits will whiten your teeth, professional whitening can deliver better results. 

Plus you are under the guidance of your dentist, so they are able to check your teeth before whitening to make sure everything else with your oral health is in check.

Schedule a visit today for a consultation for tooth whitening!

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